Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beautiful Canadian Weather

So lucky for me I got the day off today, and it was gorgeous. I am a huge fan of the heat, I cannot stand the cold, it drives me nuts and our winters are terrible, but man do I love our summers. Today was 29 degrees (celsius for those who don't know that is about 84 degrees farenheit) without the humadex. It was lovely, the sun was shining and I took this opportunity to spend the day outside. I met up with some friends in Cambridge, which is only 15 minutes from where I live and we walked a trail for about two hours and it was so beautiful. It felt wonderful to be outside in the sun. Now after this little adventure we went to a restaurant that sat right on the lake, it was stunning, and the breeze was amazing. After a quick ice cream stop, I was back home. I decided at this point I still wanted to soak in the sun and went for a quick jog around my neighbourhood. All in all it was a wonderful day. I wanted to go to the beach today but plans fell through, BUT because it's a long weekend I may head there on Victoria day which is monday! The only thing that would of made my day better would of been if I could of went for a swim... I live for the water haha maybe I was born half fish ;)

What do all of you like to do on those hot summer days? Leave me a comment!


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