Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mini Shopping Haul

So tonight, literally an hour and a half until closing time I had an urge to go and see if I could snatch up some cute pieces of jewellery. So I called up Sally and off we went. The only stop that I purchased something was at a store called Ardene's which is a little store that used to have accessories only but now has made their way in to clothes as well. A lot of their stuff isn't my style but you can find a few really cute pieces. It's not very expensive and a lot of their shoes and jewellery don't last a lifetime, but being on a budget that doesn't bother me. So here are a few things that I picked up!

First was this pair of "eyelet" style nude flats. I really love a cute pair of flats and I could not pass these up. I originally only looked at the shoes since I picked myself up a new pair of simple black flats for work (not pictured because they aren't anything special) and it was either pay $15 for one or get two for $20 so I found these beauties and I was sold. I did however have to go up one and a half sizes, I am regularly a size 7.5 (American) and had to go up to a size 9, but if the shoes fits then go with it.

The next few bracelets I actually got three for $10, which is basically buy two get one free since they are all around $5. The first one photographed here was ironically the last one I picked. They had a wall full of them and I was having a hard time picking out which ones I wanted. I figured I didn't have too many brightly coloured bracelets and this one was subtly bright and it looks really pretty against my skin. It'll be the perfect beach accessory.

Again I have been looking for a wooden bracelet and I really liked how this was almost a cuff like look, I tried on a few different shapes and I found that this one was the most flattering on me. It is also a really nice deep wood which will be a nice touch to a casual outfit.

I decided to show two photos for this one because it came in a set but each individual bracelet is gorgeous. I am a huge fan of the rose gold one on the end. Together they work beautifully together and I am going to wear these to work tomorrow, and I am very excited to do so. The only thing I dislike about these is they often "clank" together and are noisy, but they're worth it. 

So that was my mini-haul, I only spent about $34 after taxes and saved $15 by the deals they were having on. Saving money is always a huge bonus for me! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and I'd love to hear from all of you, so you can either tweet us @lbdgirls , leave us a comment below, or ask us anything on formspring. All links are in the side bar :)

Happy Shopping!

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