Monday, May 7, 2012

Being True To You

Now when I say being a geek I don't mean everyone has to be. I mean I am. I really am a strong believer in being who you are. Not changing yourself for anyone. If you stay true to you, any relationship you develop or any hobby you might pick up will be right for you, and you'll always be happy.

Personally, I am a huge geek. I enjoy playing video games, I read comics, Avengers, Captain America and the Walking Dead (graphic novel) being my top favourites, I watch tons of movies, and often love giving reviews afterwards, I happen to love researching medieval history, and know a lot about the British  monarchy and I have a huge obsession with Harry Potter. Now do I care what others think of me for liking all of this? No. Why? Because it makes me, me.

I find that discovering something you didn't know about someone, is fascinating especially when it is something that you couldn't picture them liking. Just remember that if the people around you are not supportive of you and would treat you differently if they knew your hobbies, they are bullies. There are friends out there that will respect you and will support you.

Sometimes it's jealousy that push people to bully and sometimes they bully because they don't understand. Never be afraid to stand up for yourself and remember you are unique and there are people who like the same things you like, and they're out there waiting for you.

I am Kelsey and I am a geek, and I am very proud of it.

What are you proud of?


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