Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Favourites / I'm Back!

Hello Everyone! That's right I am back and do I ever have lots to tell you! I have a lot of new products and lots of clothing to show you. Not to mention all of the stories I have to share with you. Let's just say you will be hearing about everything! So you better subscribe to the blog and our youtube so that way you don't miss a thing!

Anyway, today I am going to be doing my June favourites! I have a lot of amazing products to share with you. A lot of them I won't go into too much detail because I would like to give them their own reviews so I will let you know if a review for the product is coming your way!

Let's get started!

Soap & Glory Glow Job (review to come) - I am in love with this product. I picked it up while in London, UK for £9 ($14 Canadian) at Boots. They were having a 3 for 2, and currently the promotion is still running, so I picked up lots of Soap and Glory products. I am a huge fan of this company, but it is way too marked up in Canada so I took advantage of the prices and stocked up. This lotion gives you the perfect glow, I am very pale and as I have said struggle with tanning products but this really just brightens my face and makes me look radiant.

Neon Nail Polish - I have hoped on to the neon trend and this little touch of colour allows you to do so as well without having to be too bold to wear a full piece of neon clothing. I am currently loving Joe Fresh's Neon Pink ($4) and Models Own Beach Party (£5 or $8 Canadian). I will be reviewing the Models Own Nail Polish shortly, so stay tuned for that.

No7 Nourishing Lip Shine (review to come) - I am not a huge fan of lip glosses, I often find them sticky and unpleasant to wear. This is the complete opposite. I love the slight colour it gives and it feels like my lips are moist rather than sticky. This Lip gloss runs normally for £10.50 but because I had a No7 voucher for Boots which gives you £5 off I only paid £5.50 ($9 Canadian).

Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph (review to come) - I am lucky enough to have darker eyebrows, my hair and my eyebrows have never matched believe it or not. So this shade matched me perfectly. Sadly the pencil only comes in Taupe so if you have more blonde, black or red eyebrows this won't work for you. I find that this pencil gives me that little extra definition without being like "HOLY EYEBROWS" and the highlight is that perfect touch to make them look stunning. I picked this up for £8 ($13 Canadian).

Soap & Glory Marvelips (review to come) - It promised me plumper lips, not sure if it delivered that but the colour is perfect for a nude pencil for me. My search for a pencil has finally been successful! I struggled finding a good nude because my lips are slightly more red than a lot of people's naturally. My grandma used to think my parents put lipstick on me HAHA. I picked up this beauty for £8 ($13 Canadian).

EOS lip balm (review to come) - I am in love with these. Not only is the packaging super cute they nourish like nothing else. And they smell AMAZING. I have Sweet Mint and Summer Fruit, at first they were hard to find but I picked up one from Walmart and one from Shoppers Drugmart each for about $4. If you haven't tried these you have to!

Soap & Glory Flake Away (review to come) - I seem to have gone on a Soap & Glory love fest! I picked this up as part of my 3 for 2 and figured I'd give it a go to get rid of those nasty bumps I have on my arms. Lets just say so far so good! I still have mild discolouration but the bumps are going away and look a lot smaller. I have been searching for a product that would make these disappear and I think I found my little miracle. I picked this up for £7 ($11 Canadian)

So I may have gone on a little bit of a Soap & Glory splurge since there is still another product that I have that I am going to review but like I said... I love the company and I think there stuff works. Plus there cheeky packaging and names make me laugh.

I will do a quick random favourites, including books/movies and bloggers.

Books: I am currently loving The White Queen and The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory. They are stories that take place in the early reign of the British Monarchy and have a nice mix of historic facts and simple entertainment. A nice read for anyone.

Movies: The artist came out on video this month, and this happens to be my favourite movie. So if you haven't seen it and fancy the 1920/1930's era give it a go, you'll fall in love.

Bloggers: I will list a few and state why they are my favourite. I have a few more well known bloggers and a few people that are just starting out that I really enjoy.

Fashionrocksmysocks - If you love fashion and beauty you will love her. Her fun personality comes out in all her videos and blogs and she is very knowledgable. I have been watching her for a while now and she still remains one of my favourites.

Essiebutton - I love her, I think she is hilarious and easily relatable. Estée is a Canadian living in the UK and always has amazing product reviews. I always turn to her blog before buying a product because I truly trust her opinion.

Zoella - I have been watching Zoe for a while and I love her videos and blog posts. She has amazing fashion sense and product reviews that I will frequently read. I am a huge believer in reading reviews before buying a product, especially if it's a little pricey. She is funny and a beautiful person.

Facesbyjeanie - I love her make-up looks, I think they can go from being very dramatic to being very neutral and I always love checking out what she has done.

Bethmars1990 - Beth doesn't have a blog that I know of but she does have a youtube that I have been tuning in to. She is fairly new but she is amazingly sweet and dedicated. You know when you become a subscriber she appreciates you. I love her makeup looks and hauls. She is a strong and beautiful person.

Well those are my June favourites. I may have talked an awful lot, but I missed all of you. I hope you enjoyed this little post and I look forward to hearing from all of you!


Friday, June 29, 2012

OOTD : Day on the Boardwalk

I've recently gotten a Polyvore account ( and I wanted to do an OOTD today!  This outfit is inspired by the pastel trend, and is something great to wear for a day on the boardwalk! 

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the lovely weather! 
-xx Sally 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Monthly Playlist

Here are my June Favourites 
Kiss You Inside Out by Hedley 
Something Like That by Tim McGraw 
Part of Me by Katy Perry 
Let It Go by Dragonette 
Beautiful Every Time by Lee Brice 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dairy Post : June 26

June 26, 2012
Yesterday my boyfriend Chris and I went to go look at possible apartments for us to look at (will be posting more about that another time) and I thought I would do a diary post for today. I hope you enjoy it!

Breakfast wraps, yum yum!  /  Pastel Nail Polish by Joe Fresh  /  No road trip is complete without Timmies I'm in love with their frozen lemonade  /  On our way to Toronto  /  After looking at apartments we had to stop for some food and beer  /  Home after a long day, having some fun!

We had a great day out and think we found an amazing place to live and we can't wait to find out if we got it!  Hope you all have a wonderful day.
-xx Sally  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tip : Cheap Organizing

This week's tip is all about cheap organizing!  After reading A Thrifty Mrs's blog post about organizing your bedside table (you can read it here) I thought about how I could organize my make up without having to spend a dime!

I had some old containers left over from some tea I bought at David's Tea (fyi David's is one of the best places to buy loose leaf tea!) so I scrubbed off the labels and used them to house my cotton pads, and my make up brushes!  I find they work really well and look great on my counter top!  They also are just the right size to fit the cotton pads and brushes. 

For my make up draw I used old boxes from my beauty box service.  I had them just lying around taking up room.  The three boxes fit perfectly in my drawer and help me organize them into face, eyes and lip products.  It may not look very fancy, but honestly no one is going to look in that drawer besides me, and I didn't have to go out and buy containers.  

I hope this little tip has helped you, and given you ideas on how to organize your things without spending a tone of money!  I'd love to hear about what cheap tricks you have used to organize your things! 
-xx Sally 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Marcelle Products

Today's post is about two Marcelle products I bought last week (one being a re-purchase) that I think are really great products!  

Marcelle Essentials Oil Free Multi-Defenese Lotion : I mouthful I know!  But this lotion is AMAZING (especially if you have oily skin like I do).  This lotion is actually a re-purchase.  I used to use this lotion about a year ago before I tried Aveeno's Fresh Essentials Daily Moisturizer (I mention it in my Daily Skin Care for Oily Skin here).   I really like Aveeno's moisturizer, but I have to say after I've gone back to this one I find it a lot heavier - most likely because this is a lotion and Aveeno is a moisturizer.  I really like the constancy of this lotion, it has SPF 15 in it, and the biggest thing (for me) is it is oil free!  I have to say, I don't think I'll be trying any other daily lotions for a while, I'll just stick to this one because I know it works for me. 

Marcelle BB Cream in Light to Medium : I've been using this for about a week now instead of my Mac  Studio Sculpt (in NW15), and I've taken a real liking to this BB Cream.  I've tested Garnier's BB Cream (you can read Kelsey's review on it here), and I didn't really like it.  I think what I really like about this one is it have a slightly thicker consistency (which I like to hide some of blemishes and red spots) and covers my face really well.  It's also hypo-allergenic which is great for me because I do get allergic reactions when I put some products on my face.  I know a week really isn't long enough to see if the BB Cream shows results on my face, so I'll do a full review on this product in about a month's time. 

Have any of you tried Marcelle's BB Cream?  And did you think it worked?  I'd love to hear your thoughts! 
-xx Sally 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Top Summer Movies!

It's Friday, and for the general population (or at least me) that means movie night! And it's finally summer (officially since Wednesday) I've decided to compile a list of my top summer movies to see this summer!
*Movies are in order of release date.

The Avengers - May 4, 2012
If you haven't seen this (and if not why not?!) then this is a must see!  The Marvel Avengers come to life to save the world.  View the trailer here.

Snow White and the Huntsman - June 1, 2012
This twist on Snow White is suppose to keep you on the edge of your seat (I personally haven't see it yet).  View the trailer here.

Brave - June 22, 2012
This tale of a young princess wishing to change her fate is not only relatable, but also capturing. I know I'll be seeing this movie with Kelsey. View the trailer here.

The Amazing Spiderman - July 3, 2012
The true story (in the first movie released in 2002 they changed most of the facts) of Spiderman comes to life!  My boyfriend and I planing on seeing this once it comes out!  View the trailer here.

The Dark Knight Rises - July 20, 2012
Ever since seeing The Dark Knight in 2008 I've been waiting for a sequel, and it's finally here (and with Cat Woman too)!  Like Spiderman my boyfriend and I will be seeing this opening night.  View the trailer here.

As you can see from my list (3 of the 5), this is the summer of Superheroes!  These are just my five top summer movies to see, if you wish to see IMDb's official list the Summer 2012's top movie's you can see it here.  What's your top movie to see this summer?
-xx Sally

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Product Review : Tree Hut Shea Body Butter

In my recent BeautyBox5 Box (you can read my review here, and visit their website here) I received this sample of Shea Body Butter by Tree Hut.  I have to say, I think of love it more than my Coca  and Shea Body Lotion (see my review here).   It's perfect to use on your legs, hands and feet!

Pros : Nourishes your skins and leaves glowing and soft.  It also sinks into your skin within a few minutes letting you go about your busy day.

Cons : It is a bit sticky, so you will have to let it sink in for a few minutes before putting clothes on.  

Overall I really like this body butter and am considering ordering a large tub of it! If you'd like more information on this product, or Tree Hut in general, you can visit their website
-xx Sally

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Essie Nail Polish Collection

At the beginning of year my good friend from school (Breanne) introduced me to Essie nail polishes.  And ever since then I've become addicted to them!  I have to say they are the most amazing nail polishes I've ever used.  They retail for around $9 (Canadian) and they are worth every penny.  Where I work I use my hands a lot and am constantly opening and closing boxes, tasks which normal nail polishes won't stand a chance against.  However Essie nail polishes are able to hold their own and won't chip for over a week!  Their only down fall is in order to get the desired colour, three coats are required.

Colours (In order as pictured above.) 
Ballet Slippers - This pink colour is perfect a delicate nail colour.
Waltz - The perfect white for french manicure.
Merino Cool - In the mood for purple?  Try this deep purple.
Trophy Wife - Feeling bold?  This is the colour for you!
*Want to see Essie's full range of colours? View their website here.

Even if you're on a budget, these are perfect nail polishes to invest in.  Their amazing colour and chip proof power makes them my go to polish.  What's your favourite nail polish, or favourite colour by Essie?  We'd love to hear about them and give them a try!
-xx Sally

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Tip : Whitening Your Teeth

It's that time of week, time for a Tuesday Tip!  Do you hate having not-so-white teeth but don't want to spend them money on whitening strips?  Try out our new tip which won't break the bank, or ruin your teeth! 

Things you'll need :
Baking Soda (1 table spoon)
Tooth Paste (3 table spoons)
Water (dash) 

Steps :
Put your toothpaste into your container 
Mix in a dash of water
Add the baking soda
Mix well 

Once this is done you can brush your teeth!  Make sure to only use it once a day tops till you've achieved the desired whiteness, then only use once a week.  Keep in a container with a lid and save for later use.  Hope this quick tip helps you on the road to whiter teeth!  
-xx Sally 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun Summer Dates

Summer is finally here, and that means summer dates nights! Instead of hiding out inside, put on your sunshades and head outside with your significant other.  Not only will heading outside brighten your mood, you can also catch some rays.  Below are a couple of great date night ideas for the summer.

Ice Cream Date - Mine and my boyfriend's personal favourite! We love going out after dinner, grabbing some ice cream and go for a walk.  Google ice cream parlours near a park in your area and head out for a fun, cheap evening.  Not only can you cool off, but it gives you a chance to catch up.

Canoeing - If you live near a lake, or a river rent a canoe for the day or a couple of hours.  Leave your cell phones in the car (a good idea to save them from getting wet) and take in nature together.  Bring your waterproof camera to take some photos with each other.

Hiking - Don't live near a lake but feel like being active?  No problem!  Find a hiking trail near your and strap on your running shoes.  Don't forget to put on your sunscreen.

Discover a New Town - Don't feel like canoeing or hiking?  Get in your car and drive in any direction, and stop in a small town you haven't been to before.  Wander around and enjoy discovering a new place together!

Try out these fun summer dates and try something new! Discovering new places and trying new things is a great bonding experience.  And who knows maybe you'll find a new favourite date night idea!  What's your favourite summer date night?
-xx Sally

Sunday, June 17, 2012

June Glymm Box!

The other day I received my June Glymm Box, and I have to say I'm a lot more happy with it than my BeautyBox5 one (you can read my review of it here).  For those of you who don't know what Glymm is, it's a beauty box based in Canada (specifically in Montreal) and retails for $12.  You can visit their website here.  For your box you fill out a beauty profile for your specific needs which is really great.  Each month includes 4 - 6 deluxe samples (and sometimes full versions).  They also include a card saying where you can get all the information (prices for full size, what's in the products, how to use them, how many uses you'll get out of each sample and ordering) on their website, which I've used to put the price points below! *All prices are in Canadian Dollars

Glymm Makeup Bag - This is what all of my products came in!  I thought it was a really cool way of presenting your products in something you can use later on.  This bag retails for $12.

Vitamin and Sea Perfect Skin Solution - This small sample size can be used up to 5 times and is supposed to help keep your skin looking vibrant.  This product full size (45mL) is $68.

La Fresh Nail Polish Remover - They've included two wipes which are good for two uses.  For the full size (18 wipes) it costs $10.

Harmony Duo Lipstick - It's a tube with lipstick on one end and lip butter on the other, and is supposed to have long lasting colour.  This was a full size product, which retails for $20.

CB's Smoothing Marine Cream - The sample is good for 10 - 15 uses and gently cleanses your face.  The full size of this product of 50 mL is $115.

ItlsDream Fragrance - The sample is good for 35 sprays and is supposed to have a fruity-floral-woody combination.  The retail price for 60mL is $54.

Price of the Box : $12
Value of the Box : $32 +

I've also filmed a video on this box which you can view here.  I'm currently looking forward to getting my next box in July and can't wait to see what they've included! What beauty box service is your favourite?
-xx Sally

Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day!

As most of you know, Father's Day is this Sunday!  I won't be able to see my Dad this Father's Day as he is currently biking across Australia right now (you can read all about his crazy adventure here) so instead I'll be skying with him to catch up!  Even though I won't be seeing him, I do have couple great ideas for some last minute gifts!  Hope you enjoy and they help you out.

Gift Basket - This may sound a bit girly, but with the right items you can make it work for any Dad.  You can fill a popcorn bowl with microwave popcorn, beer, and his favourite sports jersey so he's ready to watch the game!  If you Dad isn't a big sports fan, you can fill it with single cans of his favourite beer, along with a beer glass and his favourite DVD.

Tie - Yes your Dad probably has a lot of ties, but he can always do with one more!  And when he wears it he'll remember what an awesome daughter or son he has.

Tickets - If your budget is a little bit bigger, then why not get him tickets to his favourite team?  Just order the tickets online and place the print out in his card.  Be sure to get two so he can bring a friend along, or better yet you!

I hope these last minute gift ideas help you out to get the perfect Father's Day gift for your Dad!  Have a great day, and remember to spend time with your Dad on Father's Day (if you can).
-xx Sally

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Graduated !


Hey Everyone! So today I graduated officially from Graphic Design and I wanted to share a few photos with you. It was an amazing day and I even got to share the day with one of my best friends Jess. Of course Sally came to celebrate with us as well.

I cannot explain how happy I feel and how proud I feel knowing the accomplishment I just achieved. I hope that one day all of you can experience a sense of pride. And we should feel proud of ourselves daily. Each and every day look back and say to yourself I am proud of myself because of (insert why here). You should all be proud of what you have done :)

My lovely dress was from Suzy Shier for only $40 and I loved it's vintage feel. So it order to keep that style I kept my hair in a almost flapper-esque style. I wore a pair of light turquoise flats to add a pop of colour. I purchased these at Spring for around $30.

Please share with me something that you are proud of.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Heart and Stroke Big Bike

Hey Everyone! Although it is late, this evening I participated in the Heart and Stroke Big Bike event and I wanted to write a quick post about it.

Although my team only had 9 people we raised $911 for Heart and Stroke and we rode that bike and cheered the whole way. I was so happy and so proud of what we had done.

I wanted to thank all of you for reading my story and those who donated and supported me. Together we can raise awareness for heart disease and even save lives.

Thank you everyone and I hope you had a wonderful day!

Much love always

Monday, June 11, 2012

Make Mondays Suck Less

No matter where you're from, who you are, or what you believe, we can all agree on one thing : MONDAYS SUCK! Everyone is usually tired from the weekend, and not wanting to go to work or to school.  However, Mondays don't have to be so horrible all the time!  Here are a few things I like to do on a Monday so they suck just a little bit less!

Plan - On Monday mornings I like to plan out what I'm going to be doing that week, both social and work.  By doing this, I get excited about things later on in the week instead of being miserable all day.

Tea - Every morning (but it's even more important on a Monday) I take 5 - 10 minutes to just sit and enjoy a cup of green tea and forget for a while about the busy day ahead of me.  This can work with almost anything; coffee, a muffin, some fruit, etc - just take some time to relax before your busy day.

Not Cleaning - I personally don't mind cleaning, but when you put cleaning and a Monday together it just not fun.  I try to avoid a lot of cleaning on Mondays and instead save it for later in the week.  Your world won't fall apart if you don't clean one day!

Fun Time - Finally I like to plan something fun for a Monday evening.  Hanging out with friends or a date night, just something to have some fun.  This way it feels like your two day weekend has been turned into a three day one!

I hope you find these small tips helpful and brighten up your Monday a little bit!  Let us know what you like to do on Monday so it sucks just a little bit less!
-xx Sally

Friday, June 8, 2012

What's In My Carry-On Bag For London

Hello Everyone! As some of you may remember I am going to London, England in seven days (cue excitement now) and of course I am bringing all you lovely subscribers/followers with me! So to begin this journey we have to start at the source, and that would be my carry-on bag. So instead of you reading my rambles about what I am bringing you can listen to me ramble about it!

I did however forget to mention I am bringing a full change of clothes with me so that, worse case scenario, my luggage goes missing I will have a fresh set of clothes to change into when I arrive.

So friends, if there are any really neat places you want to see or you suggest I see, leave me a comment and I will be sure to make it a home in my itinerary!

Are you travelling anywhere soon? Let me know!

if you are... Happy Travelling!


My Proactiv Experience

If you know me, then you'll know that I've struggled with my skin for several years now. My skin isn't the worse skin out there, but it is bad enough to make me uncomfortable with it. I've never wanted to go out in public without having foundation, or at least I've wanted to cover up my spots. I've tried several drug store products with little success, I have sensitive oily skin - I try to stay away from scented washes as they cause me to break out more and sometimes even leave me with red patches.

Th other day - after being completely fed up and upset with my skin I decided to take the plunge and try out Proactiv. I hoped that this would finally solve all of my skin worries. And despite it being expensive I picked up a 60 day kit for $67 (Canadian) and took it home full of hopes. That night I took of my makeup as normal and tried the 3 step kit. I notices right away that it smelt horrible and faintly of bleach, however I ignored that and continued on with it. In the morning I woke up and used the kit again (it says to us it twice daily) and this time also used the sample mask provided. After I began to get ready for my day. It wasn't until I was putting my makeup on did I notice red blotchy patches all over my face - they looked like chemical burns and hurt to touch. I realized that right then and there I needed to stop using it and return the kit. (Thank goodness for he 60 day money back) When I took the kit back I talked briefly to the sales girl about my experience and she said it was possible I was part of the 1% who are allergic to the chemicals in the product! She did mention how since you have sensitive skin it would be a good idea for me to do patch tests behind my ear when trying any new products.

So I've decided rather than waste my time with trying new products and being let down I'm going to try to control my acne with diet and going to see a dermatologist and get them to give me some creams and washes that won't make my skin react badly too. Through this experience I've learnt that it's really important to take care of our skin and know what works and what doesn't work for you. You only get one set of skin!

Wishing you wonderful and healthy skin!
-xx Sally

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Products I Regret Buying

Sadly there are a few products that will never make the favourite list, and they are simply products that either haven't worked for me or I don't think for a certain reason. Hope you enjoy the video, all the products are listed below the video in this post.

1. Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation - $17.99
2. Jergens Natural Glow Mousse Self Tanner - $9.99
3. Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect in the shade Sea - $2.99
4. Almay i-color liquid eyeliner - $9.99
5. Almay Skin Perfecter Primer - $11.99
6. Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss - $8.99

Let me know if you have had either similar experiences or even better experiences with any of these products. Are there any you could recommend to me?

Thanks for watching and reading :)


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Heart and Stroke Big Bike Fundraiser

This coming Tuesday (June 12th, 2012) I will be participating in Heart and Stroke's Big Bike Fundraiser. For this fundraiser you raise money and then ride around on literally a Big Bike. I inserted a little picture below so you could see what I was talking about.

Each team is made up of about 29 people and we ride around the city on the bike. This is done after all of the money has been raised for Heart and Stroke. I will be riding with my work team, and I am very excited to do so, because this organization hits close to home.

Now luckily my story has a happy ending, but many stories like mine, don't. A year ago this past April, just before Easter my grand-pa suffered a heart attack, and luckily he was near somewhere where help was given immediately and it saved his life. After being rushed to the hospital he under went a triple by-pass surgery and is now extremely well and back to his old self. Now this sadly does not happen to everyone and sadly lives are lost every day due to a heart related illness. 

The Heart and Stroke foundation is an organization that not only spreads awareness, but also works on prevention. I am not sure if any of you used to do Jump Rope for heart in elementary school but it never really hit me how important it is, I simply thought I got to get time off school and jump rope, now I realize how important this cause is.

I would really appreciate all of your support, and every dollar goes a long way. If you could spread the word about this fundraiser and help me raise money for Heart and Stroke it would be greatly appreaciated. I will link the fund-raising link as well as the link to the Heart and Stroke website below.

Thank you all for your support, and feel free to share your story below.

love always

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Product Review: REVLON Photoready Airbrush

Hey Everyone! I am back with another product review. I heard good things about this foundation and decided I'd give it a go. Below are my thoughts and feelings towards the foundation.

Price:  $17.99 (Canadian) at Zehrs

Pros: The coverage isn't too bad, it is a light coverage and there are tiny flecks of "sparkle" that add a really nice dewy finish to the skin, similar to the photoready liquid foundation. This really makes your skin look more awake and youthful. I'd probably stay away from it if you have any wrinkles however since the sparkle may sit in the wrinkle and make you look older than you are. It lasts a fair bit on me, I have normal to dry skin, but I feel like if you have skin more on the oily side, you may want to stick with a more matte foundation.

Cons: To me it has a really odd smell and I find that extremely unappealing, I also find the bubbles of the mousse a little bit strange. Which is purely a personal preference. It's not too build-able in my opinion but if you're looking for something light than this is good for you. If you need a foundation that offers a lot of coverage and will create flawless skin, this isn't for you.

Final Verdict: I am not going to buy this product again, the smell alone really turns me off. But if you aren't as smell sensitive as I am and are looking for a light coverage foundation this will be perfect for you! And as always this is just my opinion, you may have experienced something completely different, each person is unique and will react to things a different way.

Hope that this review has helped you a little in deciding what direction to take! Have you tried the REVLON Photoready Airbrush foundation before? How'd you like it? Leave me a comment.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Pamper Yourself

The first thing that I think of when I hear the word "pamper" is going to a spa and spending lots of money.  However it doesn't have to be like that! Last night after getting back from Niagara, cleaning my room and doing laundry I was feeling a bit worse for wear, and in need of some TLC.  But due to lack of funds I wasn't about to go and book a spa day!  So instead I created my own "spa" here at home!

Granted my "spa" wasn't anything extraordinary, but it did make me feel a whole lot better!  After a hot shower I slipped into some comfy sweats and lit some candles.  While enjoying the calming atmosphere in my room I read some Vogue and gave my self a french manicure (not that hard to do!).  Finally I finished it off by watching Midnight in Paris (I love this movie to bits!  If I could move anywhere in the world it would be Paris! I've only been once but it was love at first sight!).

Taking time out of my busy week to treat myself to things I don't normally do always makes me feel amazing.  It's really important to spend some time doing things for you and doing things just because you want to.  And what you do doesn't really matter, it could be taking a nice long bath, reading a book, or doing some yoga - just do it for you!

So next time you're feeling a bit tattered around the edges, set some time aside to spend pampering yourself!  Have a wonderful evening.
-xx Sally

Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Favourites

My May Favourite's Video is finally up on Youtube after several failed attempts.  You can watch it here or on YouTube. Below is a list of the products and items I mention in the video.  

Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara 
Walmart Stipple Brush 
Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart (090)
Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh 

Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky Shampoo and Conditioner 
Moroccan Argon Oil 
Paul Mitchell Smoothing Serum 

Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser 
Fruit of the Earth Coco and Shea Blended Body Lotion 
Jergans Natural Glow

Scarfs with my Tiffany's Key Necklace 

The Avengers 
Captain America 
Iron Man 

Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin 

Hope this gives you all an idea of some good products to try out!  What are your May Favourites ?
-xx Sally 

Friday, June 1, 2012

I Think I Might Be Addicted To Polyvore

Hey Everyone! I don't know if you can tell by now but I am a HUGE fan of piecing together my own outfits and styles, but the main problem is I can't afford to buy clothes all the time because I am still on a very tight budget. So what I do is I like to sit down and make outfits. A lot of the clothes I put together I can't afford or have severe troubles even finding in stores, and one of my friends directed me to this amazing site. A site where I could do just that... build outfits!

Above are the four outfits I have created so far using Polyvore. The site has a nice collection of items, whether they be clothing, home decor and even art, that you can put together as a collage. I am a big fan of just the outfit laid out on a white background but you do have the option of adding backgrounds and templates if you desire.

I am a huge fan of learning new sites and I am a member of way too many social sites but I love them all. If you'd like me to do a post on those let me know. I felt this one needed a little shout out since it is a lot of fun and very addicting.

Here is a link to my Polyvore where you can follow me :) I will be following anyone back and if you already have Polyvore, leave me a link in the comments so I can go and follow you!

Here is my Polyvore:

I hope you like the outfits and I hope you enjoy Polyvore as much as I do!