Sunday, May 27, 2012

Colour Me Neon OOTD

Hey Everyone! So I have decided that once or twice a week I will do little outfit posts like these where I gather a bunch of pieces and create an outfit of the day for all of you! All the prices and places are listed below.

Top: White Blouse from H&M - $19.95
Bottoms: Fluro High Waisted Skinny Trousers in Yellow from Topshop  - $56.41
Shoes: Snowy Lace Flats from Spring - $40
Purse: Neon Flirty in Neon Pink from Rebecca Minkoff - $250
Necklace: Pearl Fan Collar from Topshop - $24.17
Earrings: Multi Triangle Drop Earrings from Topshop - $13.70

*All prices have been converted to Canadian Dollars, all of Topshop prices are in British Pounds.

Hope you enjoyed! If you like these kind of posts let me know and I will definitely do them more often!



  1. i loveeee your style!
    I also did a seven deadly sins tagg video,
    wud be great if you dropped by my blog and check it out,
    also check out my youtube channel! xx

    1. thank you!
      We will definitely check out both!
      Thanks for subscribing :)

  2. Hey Kelsey and Sally! Cute blog i'm jealous that you have an HM where you are at. I have been talking about HM for a month now because I can't wait to visit one. They don't have one where I am -__-

    Anyway, I found you via beautylish!
    if you are interested, check out my blog :)

    1. Thank you! It's definitely one of my favourite stores! When you get a chance to visit one I am sure you'll adore it!

      We will definitely check out your blog! thanks for reading!