Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Touch Of Vintage OOTD

Hello Everyone! I am back with another outfit post! The first one seems to have been a little bit of a hit so here we go again! I really enjoy doing these kind of posts so I plan on definitely putting up more! Also by all means request any occasion or price range, since right now I am selecting items not based on any price range. The sky is the limit! Anyway, like before all the items, prices and locations are listed below.

Dress: Lace Racer Back Dress in Coral from Topshop - $77.02
Boots: Bettis in Natural from Spring - $49.98
Purse: Imitation Leather Bag in Camel from H&M - $19.95
Necklace: Susan Caplan Vintage Karl Lagerfeld 80's Necklace from ASOS - $520.53

Hope you all enjoyed the outfit, and be sure to let me know if you'd like a post for an occasion or budget, because I will gladly do one.


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