Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Kissable Pout

Hey Everyone! Here is a little photo-tutorial on how to get a kissable pout for either every day wear or even that first date! He won't be able to resist. Enjoy!

1 - Start off with exfoliating your lips. You can either make a lip scrub at home with sugar and honey or simply head over to your local drugstore and purchase one. This will leave your lips free from any dry skin.

2 - After exfoliating, just like your face, moisterize. Any old lip chap will do, I am using eos' sweet mint that I got at Walmart for $4.

3 - Take your highlighter or even your concealer and trace around your lips. This will highlight the area and make your lips look fuller. Remember to blend it in well so it looks natural. I am using the highlighter end of my Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph brow shaper which I got for £8 at Boots.

4 - Use either your favourite lip stick or lip stain to add colour to your lips. I chose a stain because it lasts longer and won't come off onto your date. I am using Revlon Just Bitten in the colour Victorian which I got at Walmart for $6.

5 - This is optional, I just finished the look with a light gloss that isn't sticky to add a nice natural shine to the lips. I am using No7 Nourishing Lip Shine which I got at Boots for £5.50 (with £5 voucher).

6- Voila! You're finished!

Happy Kissing!



  1. For some reason I thought you were putting a felt tip on your lips! haha, obviously not

    1. HAHA! I can see how you thought that!