Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekly Tip : Easy Curls

This week's weekly tip is going to be about how to get easy curls.  Now this works best if you have natural waves in your hair (which I do).  However my straight haired friends do not worry, this should still work for you. :)

This hairdo actually starts the night before, and requires little heat! 

1.  Have a shower, and apply your favourtie post shower serum (Mine is Moroccan Argon Oil) and towel dry your hair. 

2.  After put your hair up into a bun (two if you have thick hair) and leave for about an hour. 

3.  Before you go to bed make sure to loosen your bun for comfort. 

4.  The next morning take out your buns and loosen your hair with your fingers.

5.  Touch up your curls with a curling iron and apply your favourite hair spray!

And you're done!! I love doing these kind of curls in the summer especially because with the warm weather I don't have to be using a lot of heat on my hair.  Do you have any tips for getting curls with little to no heat?  Leave your suggestions in the comments below!
-xx Sally 

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