Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DIY: Tinted Lip Balm

Hello Everyone! I am back with another fun DIY! I am loving doing these DIY's and they are perfect for those beauties on a budget. Not only do they allow you to have more of your favourite beauty products they also allow you to save a lot by making them yourself! So lets get started.

What You Need:
• Vaseline
• Eye Shadow or Blush (pick one you either don't use or is already broken)
• Jar
• Something to mix with (I used a bobby pin)

How To:
1. Fill your jar with vaseline, you may have to pat it down to make sure there aren't too many air bubbles in the jar.
2. You can either crush up an unused or old eye shadow or blush, or simply take one that is already broken (good solution for those broken products) and mix together with the vaseline.
3. Make sure the product is mixed well.
4. Enjoy! 

I made a couple different colours, one that was a little more dramatic and one that is more nude. What I love best about these tinted lip balm's is because you are using vaseline it isn't a sticky formula and it will really help with any dry spells that your lips may encounter.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, as much as I enjoy making them! Please let us know if you'd like to see more DIY's!



  1. Awsome! Can you do the same with ground coffee beans and Vaseline?

  2. Yes just make sure the coffee beans are ground really good... Like a powder