Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Glossybox Canada

Hey Everyone! My July Glossybox just arrived at my door and I had to write up a quick post to show you the joy I found inside! For those who are not aware, Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription, for $15 a month you receive a box full of beauty goodies, many of which are full size and well worth over the $15! For a product junkie (like myself) I highly recommend it, it allows you to try out new products without breaking the budget! 

Now that you have an idea of what the subscription is, lets get into what came in this months box!

01 - Zoya Nail Polish: I was extremely happy to see this in the box! I have been waiting for a nail polish for a while (I may have a bit of an addiction) and this was the perfect find. I have never heard of Zoya before but I just put it on my nails and its wonderful. The coverage is wonderful and the colour reminds me of Models Own Beach Party, but I only needed barely 2 coats! This product retails for $8 and I got the colour Arizona (Oh I forget to mention this is a full size product!)

02 - Alessandro International: This is a heel rescue balm, now I received a foot product before and never used it, sadly my feet have been feeling neglected and maybe this is a calling for a pedicure? I could always throw on a coat of the polish as well. Anyway, this product is 30 mL and a full size, which is 100 mL, retails for $19.95.

03 - John Frieda Go Blonder Spray: I have heard about this product, and I have only used it once, it recommends using it 3-5 times before seeing results, the only thing that bothers me about it is it works with heat, it actually says the more heat the blonder... however I fried my hair not to long ago, resulting in a pixie cut to save it... so the LOTS of heat worries me. But we shall see. This is another full size product and retails for $13.99.

04 - Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer: I actually own this product already and love it, so another one is always welcome. I got the shade Plum which is a little darker than I'd go for everyday wear BUT if I ever go out or in the fall it'll be perfect. The shimmer is almost like a balm which is also ideal to keep those lips kissably smooth. This is another full size product and retails for $5.99.

05 - Dove Softening Creme Body Wash: I love Dove body washes. This one smells divine and I used it in the shower today and my skin is thanking me for it. I am definitely adding this to my showering routine. This is another full size product (way to go Glossybox!) and retails for $5.99.

06 - Beautysoclean Sanitizer Wipes: I can see a makeup artist loving these up. However I am not too concerned about my product with this, if I ever doubt them I tend to throw them out (pink eye and such) however this would be perfect for my mascara brushes to give them a new lease on life. These are a few samples but a full pack of 48 wipes retails for $12.50.

All in all a good box. I was over the moon for the polish, so I was sold the minute I laid eyes on it. If you'd like to subscribe to Glossybox (which I highly recommend you do right now) please follow the link here. This is my personal favourite beauty box and they allow you many chances to receive a free box! Which is a nice added bonus!

Do you already subscribe to Glossybox? What'd you receive in your box?


  1. Your box looks great! I had a similar box, with different colours of the Zoya & Burt's Bees products! Love your polish colour! Check out my review here: http://frugal-elegance.blogspot.ca/2012/07/july-glossybox-review.html

    Also, what version did you get?


  2. Hi Amanda! I just read your review, I would of preferred the Cherry Burts Bees over the Plum but I am still pleased with what I received! :)

    I got version 1.

    :) thank you for reading

  3. I can't wait to see what shade polish I get!! The yellow is gorgeous!!


  4. Let us know which shade you get :)
    Thanks for reading!

  5. Love your box! I can't wait to get mine

    1. :) I hope you love your box as well!