Friday, July 6, 2012

Product Review: No7 Nourishing Lip Shine

Hey Everyone! So I am back with another lovely product review. I should have a video up by this weekend for you, so stay tuned for that. Today I am reviewing the No7 Nourishing Lip Shine that I picked up while I was in the UK. 

I have read a few reviews on this product and of course each person's opinion is their own, but I was contemplating on picking this up, and thanks to a £5 voucher, I finally justified it to myself.

Price:  £10.50 at Boots, but with the voucher I only paid £5.50 ($8.50 Canadian)

Pros: I am in love with the packaging. As a graphic designer I appreciate when something has a pretty package. It's very girly and simplistic which I love! Now about the actual gloss, I am not a huge fan of lip gloss, I find it sticky and unpleasant, however, this isn't like that at all. It  stays smooth and doesn't get that gross sticky lip gloss feel. It also adds a nice hint of colour without being too over powerful, which makes it perfect for every day use.

Cons: It is a major pain in the butt to get out of the tube! I have to use every ounce of my strength to get it out. The price is a little steep for a lip gloss for me, I am okay when I have the £5 off but the full price is a little much, but I definitely like it enough to pay full for it again.

Final Verdict: I am a huge fan of these nourishing lip glosses and I will definitely purchase one again. The only problem is getting ahold of one now that I am back in Canada, since No7 is Boots' brand. I will find a way though HAHA. Anyway, if you have been debating on this little beauty I would definitely recommend picking it up and giving it a go yourself!

What's your favourite No7 product? Any other lip glosses you'd like to recommend that I should try?


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