Monday, July 2, 2012

Product Review: Soap & Glory Marvelips

Hey Everyone! As I said in my previous blog post I have been going on a Soap & Glory rampage lately and being in London, UK really assisted in that fact. The products were less expensive and I always feel when I buy a Soap & Glory product I get a good quality product. I decided I'd pick up the Marvelips Lip Pencil to make my lips look "full and fabulous".

The pencil has two ends. A coloured end, that is in a beautiful red pink colour as you can see in the swatch, and a white highlighter end. Now as you can see from the back of the box you line your lips with the coloured end and then highlight the top centre of your lips. 

Now that I have explained a little about the product and how it works lets get into the review part of the post.

Price:  £8 at Boots ($13 Canadian)

Pros: I have finally found a nude lip pencil for myself. I have been searching high and wide for a lip pencil that matches my lips. I find that naturally my lips are a darker red than most people's which I think is amazing, but it makes finding a nude lip pencil very difficult. This pencil is slightly darker than my natural shade but not by much so it adds that little extra colour and I think it looks fabulous. So you can check fabulous off of the back of the box. It is also a nice consistency, very smooth and doesn't dry out my lips. Which is a huge plus for me.

Cons: Now as for full. I don't think it delivers that promise. I don't think my lips look any more full than they would normally. Which is not Angelina Jolie lips by any stretch. So it doesn't really deliver on that plumping promise, but it makes up for it in the colour.

Final Verdict: I love this product and would absolutely purchase it again. The only bummer is Shoppers sells it for $25... ouch. Luckily I will have this one for a while so I am not too worried about having to purchase another one any time soon. But if you do have access to a Boots, definitely stop by and pick one up! You won't regret it.

Have you tried Marvelips? If not do you think you would? Let me know in the comments!


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