Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Bit Of Glitter - Nail Tutorial

Hey Everyone!
Here is a quick nail tutorial that you can wear anywhere you'd like. I will list the polishes I used but why all means use any colour you'd like to create this look!

1. The polishes I used to create this look were; Joe Fresh Onyx, Sally Hansen 140 Rockstar Pink and Essie Good To Go Topcoat.
2. Start off with painting your nails your base colour. Depending on how good the polish is this may take one to two coats. Let each coat dry thoroughly before applying another.
3. Take some tape, I just use Scotch but any tape you may have will do and cut into small strips.
4. Place the strip in a desired angel that you would like to create. I just chose to do a diagonal going from left to right.
5. Once you have applied the tape to each one of your nails put your glitter polish on the exposed nail. Let set for a few moments.
6. Slowly peel off your tape so that no polish is pulled off as well as preventing any drips of glitter polish on your base. Apply your topcoat and voila! You're done and ready to take on the town.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and happy painting!

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