Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prom Series: The Perfect Prom Dress

Welcome to our Prom Series. For the next month we will be putting out videos that will help you get ready for your prom. Prom is an exciting experience and we want it to be a special day for you.

Finding the perfect dress is always a daunting task so we gathered some trends and tips to how you can dress for prom. Down below is also a link to the video for this blog post if you would like to watch rather than read. We hope this helps. Please feel free to leave any suggestions for tutorials or tips videos and posts in the comments below or on our facebook/twitter page.

We have gathered some of the trends for prom 2012 and this is what we discovered. We will go through each trend starting with the top left.
Bling: Anything sparkly and bedazzled is in this year, so don't be afraid to shine on your prom night.
Cut Outs: Cut outs are very in, whether they be in the back or along the side, it's that little bit of extra skin without being 'trashy'.
High Low: This is an asymmetrical bottom with the front shorter than the back. This really shows off your legs without exposing too much.
Polka Dots: A classic trend that can be worn in many ways makes it's appearance at prom.
Sleeves: It's sexy to cover up for this prom, sleeves are making there way into the prom trends.
Lace: Lace has been in for a few seasons now and is very timeless. The subtle detail can really make your dress stand out.

Dressing for your body shape can be a daunting one but here are some tips for you to look fabulous.

Hourglass: An hourglass shape is just that. Your waist cinches in and your hips are roughly 10 inches larger than your waist. This body type really benefits from wearing a dress that hugs the body and shows off your curves. We chose the blue high low dress because the sweetheart neckline will draw attention up while your legs still get in on some of the action as well.
Pear: A pear shape is when you have a heavier bottom half to minimize this affect create a defined waist and draw attention to your bust. We chose the cream dress that features an empire waist and a v-neck cut which is a very Marilyn Monroe look for prom.
Rectangle: Rectangle shape is very straight down without any major curves, the nice thing about this body type is clothes tend to hang on the body nicely. We chose this elegant maxi dress (which is our personal favourite one) for this body type. The embellishments on the chest create the illusion of curves and the bottom of the dress flows out nicely, draping around the body.
Triangle: A triangle body type is very top heavy and often has broader shoulders. With this body type we chose a dress that was heavy in details around the waist so that the details would draw the eye away from the shoulders and into the waist line.

When choosing a dress for your skin type you have to ensure the colours really compliment you. Here are some tips for various skin types.
Fair: Pastel colours such as lilac and coral compliment your skin well. Just never be afraid to wear reds and purples, these colours can brighten up your appearance. The colours you do want to stay away from are peach tones since they are too close to your natural skin colour and will wash you out.
Medium: Richer tones such as golds and reds look amazing on you. So don't be afraid to wear a deep red dress that is shimmery, this will really make you pop. Try and stay away from muted colours because they will make your skin look duller than it is.
Olive: You're lucky! Almost any colour looks amazing on your skin tone. So don't be afraid to wear lemon yellow, emerald, sapphire and even ruby!
Brown: Like Olive you are a lucky one! You can wear any colour and look stunning. Try a gold colour with a black overlay, this will really make you stand out!
Black: You don't have to be afraid to be bold. Aqua, Turquoise, Fuchsia and Tangerine look amazing on you. Try and steer clear of grey tones because they can dull down the beauty of your skin tone.

Flats, Flats and more flats! Flats are in for prom which is an amazing trend. There are so many to choose from and they are an excellent investment!

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have and share your prom attire with us on twitter!

Happy Shopping!

Kelsey & Sally

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