Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning!

Today I thought I'd do a post about spring cleaning because I've recently moved home for the summer and spent the entire day cleaning and organizing my room.  I spent the morning throughly cleaning my room up and getting rid of any items or clothes I no longer use - I donate all of my old items to my local charity shop.  After going through all of my things I started to organize my room, which is where this post comes in!

My room at home is currently blue and I have all white furniture so I chose to create a soft feminine look for my room.  Above you can see a few photos of details in my room.  The top left is of my curtains, I didn't have a tie for them so I found some ribbon and used it!  It looks great and is way cheaper than any ties they sell in stores.  The top right is of the pussy willow branches I have beside my bed.  I love having fresh flowers and plants in my room and I find this adds a nice finishing touch.  I already had the vase and my family had some extra branches I could have so I didn't spend a dime.  The bottom left is a close up of my bed, over Christmas I bought these white lights and decided to weave them through the bed frame to add a soft glow to the room.  The final photo is is a close up of my jewellery stand. I got this for Christmas a few years and absolutely love it! Its a great way to organize your jewellery and a way to show off your jewels! 

These are just a couple of small ways to enhance your room without spending a whole lot of money or time!  Have a wonderful evening and be sure to tweet us your spring cleaning plans! 

-xx Sally 

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