Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tip : Cheap Organizing

This week's tip is all about cheap organizing!  After reading A Thrifty Mrs's blog post about organizing your bedside table (you can read it here) I thought about how I could organize my make up without having to spend a dime!

I had some old containers left over from some tea I bought at David's Tea (fyi David's is one of the best places to buy loose leaf tea!) so I scrubbed off the labels and used them to house my cotton pads, and my make up brushes!  I find they work really well and look great on my counter top!  They also are just the right size to fit the cotton pads and brushes. 

For my make up draw I used old boxes from my beauty box service.  I had them just lying around taking up room.  The three boxes fit perfectly in my drawer and help me organize them into face, eyes and lip products.  It may not look very fancy, but honestly no one is going to look in that drawer besides me, and I didn't have to go out and buy containers.  

I hope this little tip has helped you, and given you ideas on how to organize your things without spending a tone of money!  I'd love to hear about what cheap tricks you have used to organize your things! 
-xx Sally 

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