Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day!

As most of you know, Father's Day is this Sunday!  I won't be able to see my Dad this Father's Day as he is currently biking across Australia right now (you can read all about his crazy adventure here) so instead I'll be skying with him to catch up!  Even though I won't be seeing him, I do have couple great ideas for some last minute gifts!  Hope you enjoy and they help you out.

Gift Basket - This may sound a bit girly, but with the right items you can make it work for any Dad.  You can fill a popcorn bowl with microwave popcorn, beer, and his favourite sports jersey so he's ready to watch the game!  If you Dad isn't a big sports fan, you can fill it with single cans of his favourite beer, along with a beer glass and his favourite DVD.

Tie - Yes your Dad probably has a lot of ties, but he can always do with one more!  And when he wears it he'll remember what an awesome daughter or son he has.

Tickets - If your budget is a little bit bigger, then why not get him tickets to his favourite team?  Just order the tickets online and place the print out in his card.  Be sure to get two so he can bring a friend along, or better yet you!

I hope these last minute gift ideas help you out to get the perfect Father's Day gift for your Dad!  Have a great day, and remember to spend time with your Dad on Father's Day (if you can).
-xx Sally

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