Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun Summer Dates

Summer is finally here, and that means summer dates nights! Instead of hiding out inside, put on your sunshades and head outside with your significant other.  Not only will heading outside brighten your mood, you can also catch some rays.  Below are a couple of great date night ideas for the summer.

Ice Cream Date - Mine and my boyfriend's personal favourite! We love going out after dinner, grabbing some ice cream and go for a walk.  Google ice cream parlours near a park in your area and head out for a fun, cheap evening.  Not only can you cool off, but it gives you a chance to catch up.

Canoeing - If you live near a lake, or a river rent a canoe for the day or a couple of hours.  Leave your cell phones in the car (a good idea to save them from getting wet) and take in nature together.  Bring your waterproof camera to take some photos with each other.

Hiking - Don't live near a lake but feel like being active?  No problem!  Find a hiking trail near your and strap on your running shoes.  Don't forget to put on your sunscreen.

Discover a New Town - Don't feel like canoeing or hiking?  Get in your car and drive in any direction, and stop in a small town you haven't been to before.  Wander around and enjoy discovering a new place together!

Try out these fun summer dates and try something new! Discovering new places and trying new things is a great bonding experience.  And who knows maybe you'll find a new favourite date night idea!  What's your favourite summer date night?
-xx Sally

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