Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Heart and Stroke Big Bike Fundraiser

This coming Tuesday (June 12th, 2012) I will be participating in Heart and Stroke's Big Bike Fundraiser. For this fundraiser you raise money and then ride around on literally a Big Bike. I inserted a little picture below so you could see what I was talking about.

Each team is made up of about 29 people and we ride around the city on the bike. This is done after all of the money has been raised for Heart and Stroke. I will be riding with my work team, and I am very excited to do so, because this organization hits close to home.

Now luckily my story has a happy ending, but many stories like mine, don't. A year ago this past April, just before Easter my grand-pa suffered a heart attack, and luckily he was near somewhere where help was given immediately and it saved his life. After being rushed to the hospital he under went a triple by-pass surgery and is now extremely well and back to his old self. Now this sadly does not happen to everyone and sadly lives are lost every day due to a heart related illness. 

The Heart and Stroke foundation is an organization that not only spreads awareness, but also works on prevention. I am not sure if any of you used to do Jump Rope for heart in elementary school but it never really hit me how important it is, I simply thought I got to get time off school and jump rope, now I realize how important this cause is.

I would really appreciate all of your support, and every dollar goes a long way. If you could spread the word about this fundraiser and help me raise money for Heart and Stroke it would be greatly appreaciated. I will link the fund-raising link as well as the link to the Heart and Stroke website below.

Thank you all for your support, and feel free to share your story below.

love always


  1. Tammy Hutchings6/06/2012 10:46 PM

    Thank you Kelsey,,,we know what a great cause this is. have fun on your bike ride love you xxxooo aunt Tammy