Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Product Review: REVLON Photoready Airbrush

Hey Everyone! I am back with another product review. I heard good things about this foundation and decided I'd give it a go. Below are my thoughts and feelings towards the foundation.

Price:  $17.99 (Canadian) at Zehrs

Pros: The coverage isn't too bad, it is a light coverage and there are tiny flecks of "sparkle" that add a really nice dewy finish to the skin, similar to the photoready liquid foundation. This really makes your skin look more awake and youthful. I'd probably stay away from it if you have any wrinkles however since the sparkle may sit in the wrinkle and make you look older than you are. It lasts a fair bit on me, I have normal to dry skin, but I feel like if you have skin more on the oily side, you may want to stick with a more matte foundation.

Cons: To me it has a really odd smell and I find that extremely unappealing, I also find the bubbles of the mousse a little bit strange. Which is purely a personal preference. It's not too build-able in my opinion but if you're looking for something light than this is good for you. If you need a foundation that offers a lot of coverage and will create flawless skin, this isn't for you.

Final Verdict: I am not going to buy this product again, the smell alone really turns me off. But if you aren't as smell sensitive as I am and are looking for a light coverage foundation this will be perfect for you! And as always this is just my opinion, you may have experienced something completely different, each person is unique and will react to things a different way.

Hope that this review has helped you a little in deciding what direction to take! Have you tried the REVLON Photoready Airbrush foundation before? How'd you like it? Leave me a comment.


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