Wednesday, August 8, 2012

iPhone Photo Editing

Hey Everyone! As I mentioned in our Get To Know Us video one of my hobbies is photography, now that being said I don't always carry around my DSLR but I still want to be able to take photos so I can share them. I recently purchased a lens for my iPhone that features a fish-eye, macro and wide-angle lens. I will be doing a review for it shortly when I get a chance to get out and take some photos with it. Now once I have taken a photo I find that often I want to adjust the lighting, the contrast or even give it a nice filter. I also didn't want to have to upload my photos and have to edit them in photoshop only to have to put them back on the phone to share.

After searching for a while I found the two apps that I use most often to edit my photos.

Picfx: This is the app that I use to apply any filters. It allows you to adjust the filters effect and combine multiple filters which I will often do to get the perfect look. Now this app is not currently free, sitting at $1.99 but it is well worth it. I definitely recommend it for those who like to use filters on their photos that are more varied than those Instagram offers.

Snapseed: I was lucky enough to get this app when it was on sale for free but it regularly sits at $3.99. However I use this one the most. It allows you to tune the photo so that you can bring out subtle details to enhance the photo, similar to using photoshop. I will generally use this app before Picfx so that the photo is well adjusted before receiving a filter.

I am hoping this will help you edit some of your own photos and I'd love to see some of them. You can either tag me on Instagram @kelseyinkol (also please feel free to follow me) or send them to us on twitter @lbdgirls :)

Happy Photo Editing!

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