Friday, August 17, 2012

iPhone Wallpaper Friday

Hello Hello! So I had an idea, since Sally and I alternate Fridays I thought it would be cool for me to do something for all of you every Friday that it is my turn. I am going to start iPhone Wallpaper Friday! Now I know you don't all have iPhones, I just chose it because it's the phone I own and its easiest for me to test, however, if you like the design let me know and I will make one for your phone and can send it your way! Easy as that!

This Friday I did a swan design using the basic forms of origami. You can either download the colours individually choosing between orange, green, blue and purple, or simply download the entire package and pick which one you like best at that time!

Feel free to send me suggestions or even themes that you would like to choose from, or even if you'd like maybe a variety of wallpapers that Friday so you can pick one that fits your style.

This is something I find really fun to do so by all means make requests :) I look forward to hearing them. Enjoy!

Download the files here:


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