Thursday, August 16, 2012

The University Series

Hi guys!  Sorry this is a later post, I just got back from Ikea getting things for mine and my boyfriend's new place (but that's another post for another time).  I just wanted to do a quick post today to tell you about a series that I will be starting next week!

The University Series 
As all of you are aware University is just around the corner, and tones of people on Youtube and Blogger are doing videos and posts about going back to school.  I'm personally returning for my third year this September so I figured I would lend my knowledge and do a University Series for all of you!  

What I'm Including 
*I will be doing both Youtube Videos and in depth blog posts for each 
Things to bring to University (School and Home Supplies)
How to Pack for University (and Moving)
Move In Day Tips 
How to Balance School and Life 
How to Study in University 
How to Save Money (for School, Food, Clothing and Going Out)

Now finally, I have a favour to ask all of you!  I will be filming my videos for this soon and I would love it if you all sent in specific questions for me to answer for all of you.  You can send them into me in the comment section below, or send them into us on Twitter. Be sure to keep your eyes pealed both here and on our Twitter, the videos and blog posts will be going up Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next three weeks.  Have a wonderful evening, and send in your questions!
-xx Sally 

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