Friday, August 24, 2012

University Series : How To Pack

We're on to video two for the University Series!  This one is all about how to pack for school.  You can watch the video here or on our Youtube Channel!  Also if you haven't watched / read the last video (What to Pack for University) you can do so here

How to Pack for University 
Below are some quick tips on how to make your packing easier! Also I've done a blog post on how to pack on a budget, which you can read here

Divide Your Packing 
I personally like to divide my packing into rooms / sections to make it easier on myself.  That way I don't miss anything, and it's a lot easier when you're unpacking.

Make A List
Once you've divided your packing to rooms / sections you want to make a list of all the things you need to pack.  By making a quick list you can see what things you may have missed, or things that you don't really need to be bringing with you. 

Use What You Have 
When packing I like to use a couple of suitcases that I already have.  This means less boxes for you to get!  However you want to make sure that you are bringing only a few small suitcases (duffel bags are best for this) as you wont' have a lot of storage space in Residence.  Or if you want to use larger bags, simply empty them once you arrive and give them to your family to bring home!

Label Label Label!
While you're packing take the two section to label each box by either the room, or the contents.  You'll be happy you took the time when you're frantically unpacking. 

I hope this quick video helps with the daunting task of packing!  If you have any packing tips and tricks be sure to leave them down below in the comments.  Keep your eyes pealed for the next four videos coming out soon!
-xx Sally 

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